"Education in a preschool must lay the foundation for lifelong learning. It should be fun, safe and educational for all children. The education must be based on a holistic view of a child and its needs, where care, development and learning become one. In collaboration with the children’s homes, the preschool shall promote the children's development into active, creative, competent and responsible people and members of society."

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During a day at the preschool, children get to develop linguistic and mathematical awareness in conversations with each other and with the educators. We put into words what we do so that concepts become anchored in everyday situations. Both in the whole group and in small groups, children are offered to work with creative expressions such as movement, dance, drama, song and music.

We regularly offer the children excursions. We visit forests, playgrounds and other outdoor settings in the neighborhood.

One morning per week, all our five-year-olds from different preschools meet together at Björkbacken. The teaching is adapted to the needs of the group, with various immersive themes. We aim to prepare our five-year-olds for their transition into ground school the following year. By meeting regularly, the children from different preschools get to know each other and practice working together.

The preschool's operations are based on Christian values. We strive to meet the needs of every single child and seek to make every single day feel like the best day!