About the preschool

We are a private preschool (friförskola) for children aged 1-5 years. In practice, we have around 30 children who are divided into two mixed-age groups called Blåbär and Lingon. The small groups ensure that each child is attended to. It also enables us to build a close and confidential collaboration with the parents.

Our goal is to be a preschool where each child is seen for who they are. The children get to develop socially in an atmosphere of security, community and care. Our committed educators challenge and stimulate the children's learning.

Bruks’ Preschool follows the same curriculum as other preschools in the municipality, while resting on a foundation of Christian values. This means that we believe in the equal value of all people. Furthermore, our operations are grounded on three particular values. You can read about our values further down on this page.

A preschool where children can grow in knowledge, creativity and responsibility


Children learn in different ways – by listening, seeing, feeling and discovering with different senses. Each child has its own unique circumstances. The preschool must give every child the opportunity to make use of and develop its abilities together with other children and adults. A varied pedagogy must pervade the school practice.


Creativity resides within every child, and our task is to awaken curiosity and encourage the inherent ability to create. We develop the children's own creative expression by offering activities such as crafts, drama, song, dance and movement. We offer a stimulating environment that attracts play and creative exploration both indoors and outdoors. The educators are "co-discoverers", who are sensitive to the children's imagination, curiosity, thoughts and interests. The materials are accessible and clearly visible so that the children themselves can take the initiative to create.


Children can–children will. Throughout the day, we encourage the children to practice their independence and to believe in their own abilities. All children shall have the opportunity to influence, express their thoughts, and thereby feel involved in the school operation. In daily interaction with other children and with adults, it is important for a child to learn about the consequences of one's actions. The educators closely follow the children in play to support social interactions. Together, we determine wellbeing rules that everyone is responsible to follow. We talk about the importance of being a good friend, visit the elderly and sponsor less privileged children. Being a fellow human being is about putting yourself in the shoes of a neighbor, but also of those farther away in society and in the rest of the world. We adults meet the children with respect and seek to be good role models.
The adults meet the children with respect and try to be good role models.