Common questions and answers

What is a private preschool (friförskola)?

A private preschool is an independent preschool that is not run by the municipality. Bruks’ Preschool follows the same curriculum, laws and regulations that apply to all preschools in Sweden.

What sets us apart from other preschools?

Bruks’ Preschool is a private preschool with Christian values. We work according to the "golden rule", which states that you ought to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. We also enroll smaller numbers of children for each group. This allows us to tend to each child and its needs. Today we have around 30 children divided into two groups.

Do I have to be religious to enroll my child to Bruks’ Preschool?

No, not at all. We welcome everyone regardless of background, values and mindset.

Does it cost more to have my child at Bruks Preschool?

We have the same tax rate as the other municipal preschools.

What happens if Bruks Preschool makes a profit?

There is no profit interest with Bruks’ Preschool, but everything is about offering a preschool that gives the children a good start in life. If the preschool were to make a profit, every single krona is reinvested in its own operations.

How do I apply?

You may show interest in enrolling your child to Bruks’ Preschool by submitting an inquiry via our form, and we will contact you thereon. This inquiry is not binding.

When should I apply?

For the convenience of planning, we would like you to send in an inquiry as soon as possible.