Practical information

To guardians

To make our vision–a good start in life–a reality, we rely on a close collaboration between parents and the preschool. We are keen to maintain daily contact and frequently update the parents about what is going on at the preschool and how the children are developing.

Parents are always welcome to get involved in our activities. We seek to be responsive to your wishes and give you a good service so that you feel comfortable with us. Throughout the year, we have parent meetings, parent-teacher meetings (utvecklingssamtal) and parties. We see these meetings as an important part of the collaboration between the child’s home and preschool.


To organize our daily happenings at the preschool, we use “Tyra”, a communication app on mobile phones where parents can report absences, register the children's schedule, communicate with the teachers and get an insight into what's going on here at the preschool through the Tyra blog.

Preschool opening hours

We keep the preschool open Mon-Fri at 6.30-17.30.
4 days per year, the preschool is closed due to quality work or training.
The day before Red Day (a public holiday), the preschool closes at 3 p.m. The preschool is closed on Red Day.


The children are insured via insurance company Trygg-Hansa and student insurance applies to accidents during both school hours and free time. In the event of an accident, contact the preschool to report the injuries.


Lunch is prepared in our kitchen at the preschool by our own chef. We enjoy the smell of freshly baked bread and various delicious meals as it spreads from the kitchen to the rest of the preschool and makes our stomachs rumble! The children participate in deciding what food is to be prepared and are also involved in simpler chores in the kitchen.